Friday, November 10, 2006

"home is where my placenta was buried"

With the help of Tony Waller at the Migrant Resource Centre in Hobart, we held our third writing workshop at Elizabeth College on the 4th of November. We had an incredible response from the students and staff, and would like to thank Ben for his commitment and support for the project. ESL students from around the world, including Sudan, Sierra Leone, Congo, Vietnam and China spent 4 hours responding to questions and discussions relating to notions of place and home. James was supported by Bec Tudor and Isaac Ferguson in what was an engaging, surprising and challenging forum for all. Students responded to the follwing questions;

What were you expectations of Hobart before you arrived, what was your reality?
Can home exist in more than one place?
Where do you consider your home to be?
What do you love/hate about this city?

Here's a preview of some of the responses:

Home is a big word and its really hard to talk about, anyway home is the place where I live now and the place which I love.

Home means the place can bring warm to me. Maybe Shanghai is my first home and Hobart is my second home.

Home is a small unit that forms between people, father, mother and children.

Sometimes when I’m thinking about where I came from I feel so sad and my heart start beating because I left my friends and I left my relatives.

I love Hobart because it has enough food.

I hate Hobart because it hasn’t got jobs.

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