Wednesday, November 08, 2006

welcome to the write/here project

Hello and welcome to the write/here project blog. This collaborative project has been developed over the last eighteen months by Tasmanian-based artists, James Newitt and Justy Phillips. In March 2007, the write/here project will use every advertising billboard in central Hobart to install a city-wide narrative exploring notions of home and relationships to place. These narratives will reveal words recorded by a wide range of people from our community over the last six months. The installation will take the form of a series of text-based narrative posters which will be installed on advertising billboard sites across the city.

This installation will take place as part of the Visual Arts program of the Ten Days on the Island festival, 23 march – 01 April 2007 at 26 sites across the city of Hobart. This project offers a unique opportunity to live without advertising in our city for ten days. Instead we will be confronted with the challenging, poetic, moving and possibly absurd words, written by people who call this place home. The write/here project website is full of information about the history and international context of this project; billboard sites and sponsors; workshop information and posted texts.

We would like to use this space to offer information on project updates and developments, collaborations and funding details, but most of all to use it as a platform to discuss the reasons why we are creating this work.

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